Contract Value: $1,187,232

Completion Date: August 2021

City of Bakersfield, Water Well CBK-58
Bakersfield, CA


Project consisted of the installation and testing of a vertical turbine pump and motor; furnishing and installing discharge and yard piping; furnishing and installing storm drain lines and building drain lines; furnishing of all materials and the complete construction of the pump building; sidewalk, curbing, parking area, and driveway construction; furnishing and installing a standby generator and foundation; completion of PG&E service and transformer pad; furnishing and installing all electrical; and all other incidental items necessary, including permitting, for the complete construction and verified operation of City Water Well CBK-58.

  • Owner: City of Bakersfield
  • Owner Contact: Samuel Blue
  • Project Engineer: Provost and Pritchard
  • Engineer Contact: David Halopoff
  • Unified PM: Tim Jacober
  • Unified Superintendent: Clif Partain