Contract Value: $934,202

Completion Date: August 2021

City of Bakersfield, CBK-53 Arsenic Removal Project
Bakersfield, CA


Construction of an arsenic treatment system at an existing City well site CBK-53. The work includes, but is not limited to, furnishing, installing, and testing arsenic treatment vessels, adsorptive media and piping manifold; furnishing, installing, and testing carbon dioxide treatment system, piping, chain-link fence enclosure and shade structure; furnishing and installing all site influent, effluent, backwash disposal, and bypass piping; furnishing and installing electrical and control equipment; and all related items necessary for a complete and operational treatment system.

  • Owner: City of Bakersfield
  • Owner Contact: Samuel Blue
  • Project Engineer: MKN & Associates
  • Engineer Contact: Jason Wilson
  • Unified PM: Tim Jacober
  • Unified Superintendent: Clif Partain